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Moody woman released from hospital after bee attack


A man is dead and a woman is out of the hospital after the two were attacked by a swarm of Africanized bees in Moody.

Deputies say the man was mowing his neighbor's lawn over the weekend when he hit a pile of wood that housed a hive.

Joyce Dodge was home on Saturday, when suddenly she heard screaming.  She ran outside and saw a swarm of bees covering Larry Goodwin and Angel Puckett.

Dodge says, "The bees were horrendous. And her daughter couldn't get near her so I called 911 and they were fantastic. They stayed with me, but we couldn't get over there to help because of all the bees."

Goodwin died at the scene. Puckett was hospitalized and released over the weekend.  Experts say the odds were against them.

McLennan County Ag Extension agent Shane McLellan says, "The best thing to do is get inside a vehicle or get inside a house, some structure that they can't penetrate. I've heard of people putting blankets or cloth on themselves, but that's definitely not enough. You've got to do something to separate those bees from you."

Even though this particular attack happened in a rural area, experts say that Africanized bees do not discriminate.  They will set up their hives almost anywhere - city or country.

McLellan says, "Africanized honey bees like to put up hives in different areas than say maybe an Americanized honey bee would. They look for some areas maybe under the ground, under a log, under an old car."

But if they do surface, it's an experience most won't soon forget.

Dodge says, "It's just something that at my age, I have never seen. All my years on this Earth. And they're the sweetest people in the world."

Patrick Baldwin, CEO of Bugsdotcom, says "bee season" has not been consistent in recent years, so he's urging people to be cautious of hives year-round.

To the naked eye, Baldwin says Africanized bees and honey bees look the same.  Although he recommends calling an exterminator if there's any question, Baldwin says people can get rid of hives themselves by hosing them down with soapy water.

He says hives need to be completely removed or the bees could return year after year.

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