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West resident gets insulted after burglary


It's adding insult to injury, a West resident had his explosion destroyed home burglarized.

Byron Williams lives on Reagan St. in West just down from the apartment complex that was completely destroyed by the April 17 explosion. His home is extremely damaged and as of Wednesday, he was waiting for it to be demolished.

But recently, someone went onto his property and stole what little was left that wasn't damaged.

"It's everything we had and these people come and robbed us, talking about getting kicked while you're down that's just not right, that hurts," Williams said.

Williams says someone took his faucets, tools, two air-conditioning units and his grill. But that wasn't it, the burglars also insulted Williams by spray painting an insult on the wall. Williams says he couldn't believe they would do that. He says he also has a message for those responsible.

"What goes around comes around, and when you're day comes, remember this day," Williams said.  

Williams was not home at the time, and only found out a few days ago. He says when he saw the items stolen, it was like someone punched him in the gut.

"You would hope there's no people out there like that, but there is," Williams said. "You see this, it's really disheartening you don't have much in you but it kind of takes out the rest of what you got in you."

Williams says insurance will not cover the theft because he's already filed a claim for the damage itself. He's also filed a report with the West Police. One officer says they are patrolling the area to watch for trespassers.

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