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Schools will now be able to contact officers directly in case of an emergency


With just a click of a button, educators will be able to contact police officers in a matter of seconds.

COPsync is new technology that allows for police officers to communicate at the point of incident, and at just $3.30 a day, schools can install the technology that will allow for teachers to send an instant message alert to five police officers near the school.

"When the educator activates COPsync 911 alert, it's almost instantaneous when the alert actually takes place in the vehicles," explained COPsync President and Co-Founder Shane Rapp.

If the officer is not in his vehicle, the alert will be sent to his cell phone. The alert will also inform other teachers, and allow for them to join the chat room if they also need to report an emergency.

This system is said to cut down response time up to twenty minutes. Chief of Rockdale Police, Thomas Harris, spoke to News Channel 25's Markeya Thomas, and explained how beneficial COPsync in the schools will be.

"This could improve response time greatly, and seconds could make a difference when responding to an active shooter," said Harris. 

Rockdale ISD is one of the first school districts to install the system, and they feel a program like this is needed in schools and today's world.

"We will have this program on every one of our teacher and administrator computers," explains Rockdale ISD Superintendent Howell Wright. "And what they'll be able to do if there is any situation, but it depends on what the emergency could be. But anything, a serious one, possibly an active shooter, or possibly a bomb threat... then that individual could actually make an alert."

Right now, COPsync is only available on computers but will be available on cellular devices and tablets in the beginning of next year. It will also be available for other businesses, and special events such as hospitals, and marathons in the coming year.


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