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Builders, banks, mortgage companies meet in West to help residents rebuild


The town of West is well into recovery mode, and part of that is rebuilding the homes that were destroyed. 

Many long time residents are wary of the process, and not sure where to start or who to trust. That's where the Texas Association of Builders comes in.

"The point of this is to educate the people of West on the homes, and the home building process in general," said Eddie Martin, President of Texas Association of Builders.

Builders, mortgage companies, banks, you name it--all came to give expert advice.

"It's great for us to come to them, they have enough to deal with to try and find these resources on their own," said Scott Bland with Jim Bland Construction.

The resources were especially helpful for people who never built a house. But the more challenging issue is starting life over in a new home.

"It doesn't feel like your home anymore and that's not the home I lived in, that's broken" said long time West resident Jana Bratka. "And like my son says, the big boom has broke it, and he's five."

Jana Bratka and her father live down the street from each other, and for her, it was tough to see her parents lose their home.

"We're a block from each other, that home was harder for me to see than mine because I grew up there and I have a lot of memories," Bratka said. "That was my safe haven and so when I couldn't even go to my safe haven or my parents home that was hard and it broke my heart."

West is warning residents of possible construction scammers. Anyone rebuilding is encouraged the check the Better Business Bureau. 

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