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Gawkers and looters pester West residents during rebuilding process


West residents are complaining about outsiders coming to town to take pictures. The small town drew national attention when the explosion devastated hundreds of homes three weeks ago.

All zones are open residents now, and they say it's frustrating seeing people from out of town coming just to see the damage.

One resident says when the security guarding the area left, anybody could come in whether they needed to be there or not.

"I do know there's just a lot of people sight seeing and taking pictures," West resident Rodger Chase said. "It's kind of a pain, you get behind them and they drive real slow trying to take pictures but I have not heard of any looting or any problems of people stealing anything."

Many homes have spray painted messages saying "keep out" on their homes. Residents say that's because some people have had trouble with looters.

A West police officer said if he sees anyone that doesn't need to be there, he will tell them to get out.

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