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Aggies travel to help West's cleanup efforts


Help is coming to West from all over the nation and Saturday more than a hundred college students drove in excess of 100 miles to join in.

The "Aggies for West" trip was organized by student leaders along with the Department of Student Activities and the Division of Student Affairs.

The students woke up early and took a break from studying for finals to come help residents in West.

Aggie student Tyler Stewart is one of the trip organizers. He says, "A&M [will] responded in whatever way West needs."         

Students traveled nearly two hours to help residents pick up the pieces. Aggies walked along the streets in Zone 3 picking up wreckage left in resident's front yards. Garbage trucks that can hold up to 16 tons were filled with debris from the ravaged homes.

"We saw a community in need, a community that was short on people and short on resources and so we wanted to help out that's part of who we are," said Stewart.

For the student volunteers, coming out to help pick up trash was a continuation of their schools "Big Event" where students come out by the masses for cleanup projects around college station.

Students were geared up and ready to help. They put on gloves, grabbed trash bags and started clearing a park of rocks and rubble.

A&M also collected 113 tons of supplies in one day and donated them to West immediately after the deadly explosion.

Sandy Pechacek, Manager of West's Long Term Recovery Efforts says residents appreciate the help.

"We have had a huge outpouring of resources in the community. It gives the community that kind of light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that we have neighbors that are here waiting to help them," said Pechacek.

Cleaning up the city is just the first phase in West's long road to recovery.

"We are here in the community to ensure that the community takes those few steps forward and then continues taking those steps. This may be a three year project it may be a five year project but either way the long term recovery team is committed to be here from here on out," said Pechacek.

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