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West council member says trash cleanup is priority


The city of West is on its way to recovery. 

City officials are working tirelessly to help the town. Nearly everyday in the past week they've had a meeting at 8:30 in the morning. City council member Brian Muska talked about what they're been working on.

"We're getting the infrastructure in place, trying to get the water turned on," Muska said. "Getting people in their homes, rebuilding process and building codes in place for them to do that properly."

"Big thing is the trash cleanup, we're working with a waste company to get in dumpsters and we've called in extra crews that are going to be around this week and all next week. Pick up some of the massive trash piles that we have here so that's on the top of our list because we don't want that to accumulate," Muska said. 

The city is also partnering with the Waco Foundation to take care of the fund for West residents. That way all donated money can go to one place. However, the system for getting residents their money is not in place.

"We will be forming a committee within the next few weeks hopefully," Muska said. "That will assist us in deciding on who's going to get these funds and how much and where to."

The investigation is also still ongoing as to the cause of the explosion. Muska says once the cause is known, that would give a little closure for West residents.

"We're hoping we do find closure and we do find the cause of this so this doesn't happen elsewhere because we don't want to happen anywhere for that matter," Muska said. 

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