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West Long-Term Recovery Plans


They've been there since the night the West fertilizer plant exploded, and they continue to stay and help with recovery. 

The American Red Cross, along with the city, has developed long-term plans to rebuild the town. 

The beginning of the long-term recovery plan will take 60-90 days. Right now, the Red Cross is partnering with an organization that will allow displaced residents to stay in a hotel for an additional week.

After those people leave the hotels and move into temporary homes, the Red Cross will cover the cost for the first months rent and security deposit and give them furniture.

It's all designed to provide stability for victims of that horrific fire and explosion. Also, the city is coordinating a board that will help with long-term recovery efforts. The board will have a number of committees to tackle issues big and small.

In addition, an office on Main Street was donated and will be considered the "go to" location for anyone in need. It will also be the home of the new developed board.

"The city is coordinating a long-term recovery committee and they are actually putting together a formal structure. They are getting advice from other foundations who have expertise in that," said Mark Felton III, Red Cross Waco Chapter Executive Director. "It seems to be from where it's going the right kind of structure to assist West in the long-term, and it's still a moving target from all that I've seen."

Those first 60-90 days will also be focused on cleaning up. Then the city will target a one year recovery plan, and then where they want to be three to five years from now. 

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