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Nearly 10% of people job hunting in West


Close to 10 percent of the people in West are now jobless after the fertilizer plant explosion.

About 30 regional employers came out for a job fair at Nors Sausage & Burger House, ready to hire and help community members get back on their feet.

Laura Nhyden is one of 150 people who worked at Rest Haven Nursing Home before it was destroyed.

Nhyden says, "Initially we were just worried about the residents and that's all you think about. And then someone mentioned, well, there's no where to go back to and we're like, woah."

But after Monday's job fair, Nhyden is feeling much more optimistic.

"They had real positions open.  Not just in general, hey nice to see you. They had an actual list of openings so that's good," she says.

And that's exactly what The Heart of Texas Workforce Board had in mind when they organized this event.

Operations Manager David Davis says, "They [companies] need people for jobs and that was the major reason why they were here. It is heartwarming that they're able to do that and support the members of this community also. But these employers are looking to fill real jobs with people."

Although she recently moved her entire family to start her job at Rest Haven, Nhyden says some of her former colleagues are in a tougher spot than she is.

"They've worked here 15, 20 years some of them and this is where they were going to retire and all of the sudden it's gone."

Employers interested in helping out, or West residents who are job hunting can contact Rene Clayton at Heart of Texas Workforce Solutions: (254) 296-5388.  You can also email her at


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