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West victim sues after losing sight

A man who was burned and blinded in the West blast is the latest to file a multimillion dollar suit against the fertilizer plant.

Thirty-three year-old, Joshua Zarecor endured disabling injuries. He suffered second and third degree burns to a significant part of his upper body including his arms, chest and face.

According to Zarecor's attorney, he was at the apartments that were leveled by the blast.

"He essentially was positioned between where the blast emanated from and where other occupants were located and as a result he received the brunt of the impact," said Curtis Lucas.

Dr. John hunt, a burn surgeon from parkland memorial burn unit in Dallas says, third degree burns are harder to treat and recover from.

"It's much better to have all secondary because it will heal, rather than third degree which means that area will not heal and the burn tissue will have to be removed and cover it," said Dr. Hunt.

Zarecor has a three year-old daughter that he may never see again. He lost complete vision in one eye and near total loss of vision in the other and doctors don't know if his sight will ever be recovered.

Curtis W. Lucas from the Law Offices of Whitney F. Fanning in Waco has partnered up with a Houston area firm Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosts & Friend.

Dr. Hunt says Zarecor faces a long road to recovery ahead.

"It can be a life-long type of thing certainly. The scars are the thing that sticks around the longest. But there certainly is psychological impact," said Dr. Hunt.   

"There's a huge economic loss, he a young man he's got a huge potential of earning capacity that is now gone. In addition to that he's going to also need specialized training to just do day to day things and all of that adds up to a lot of money," said Aziz.

According to his attorney, under Texas law if the company doesn't have enough insurance to cover all the claims then the company is no longer liable. They say it's important to file early.

"It's a little it more urgent because the big question as to how much money there is to compensate all these victims," said Aziz.  

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