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City of West holds town hall meeting to address unanswered questions


The city of West held a town hall meeting Tuesday evening where residents got some answers to their questions in the aftermath of last week's massive explosion at the West Fertilizer Company.

West Mayor Tommy Muska told the group he'd had productive meetings in Austin with state officials on infrastructure damage in west, and told them they are making progress.

"I know West is a proud community, but there are benefits, take advantage of them," Muska said.

Leading by example, he also told the group to get mental health counseling.

"You guys have gone through something most people will never ever go through. We're gonna be better for it, but get counseling. It's there." Muska said.

People who live in the most damaged part of town are anxious to see what's left of their homes and salvage their most treasured possessions.

"Pictures of the grandkids and furniture you can replace, but I can't replace my wedding dress. Things like that you don't replace," West resident Jeanette Holecek said.

Homeowners in the group were advised to be in close contact with their mortgage company and begin the task of inventorying their possessions.

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