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Some West residents still without water


A big concern in West in their early days of recovery is the water supply. More than 350 homes are still without water and the entire city is on a boil water notice.

Mayor pro tem Steve Vanek says they're working to restore water and utilities in a press conference Tuesday and said they're making progress.

"If you live on the south side of town you have water. You can wash your clothes, wash your hands, shower, and just do not consumer the water. Through our generous donations we have over 100,000 bottles of water, please come get it. Use it for cooking, drinking, whatever you might need it for. Do not let it go to waste."

Parts of the town are still without running water and residents may not have access to it for at least a week but could be as long as three.

"We are working hard to get that to our citizens. Engineers, city public works are on the scene and have reported this will take some time to restore."

Engineers and public works officials have to determine the damage of the underground pipes and go through regulations before water can be restored.

West city council member Brian Muska said, "Anytime you have water turned off to a part of town like that you have to go through the proper channels. One being TCEQ, our water has to be tested and verified that it's safe to drink and safe to use."

The water treatment plant wasn't damaged and that city officials say they're just concerned with the underground pipes. 

Until water is turned back on, city officials are encouraging residents to find alternate places to stay until all services are back up and running.

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