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State Fire Marshals still in early stages of investigation

The Assistant State Fire Marshal spoke about where they were in the investigation of what caused the deadly explosion. Right now they're still in the gathering phase.

A plane flew over the blast site Monday taking three dimensional pictures of the crater to measure its size.

They're going to use those images to help them in the investigation and collect evidence.

Assistant State Fire Marshal Kelly Kistner said "There are no theories or range for what ideas caused this fire. There's many, many out there. And, I'm not going go into specifics for sensitivity reasons at this point but, I can tell you there are a lot of things we're looking for at this point."

One aspect of the investigation will be taking inventory of all the different chemicals that were in the plant.

The state fire marshals office said even though they don't have a full inventory of those chemicals they're working with TCEQ, OSHA and the EPA and are confident the city and residents are safe.

This is an ongoing investigation and a very long process.

"The investigation will take so long because it's done scientific method and in a scientific process. It's very methodical and we got to make sure. The way to compare this is much like an archeological dig. We're layering through everything to get the answer," said Kistner.

No timeline was given as to when they would know what caused the explosion.

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