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West students, parents, officials react to school re-opening

After missing just two days of school, West students are back in the classroom.

West Superintendent Marty Crawford says, "We know that these 30 days are going to be out of the ordinary, but we want to make them as normal as we possibly can, and we're off to a great start."

Getting 1,500 kids back to school, after many experienced utter devastation just days ago, was no small feat.  It took an incredible amount of planning by school leaders throughout the area.

Crawford says, "We had to re-create a school district in 120 hours in order to have school and we thought it was very important for the kids and the community to do that."

The students agree.

Junior Nick Kecera says, "I think it was a good decision to bring everybody together after that horrible event. Getting everyone together and having your friends with you I think is a good way to start everything back off."

A new school isn't the only thing kids and parents are getting used to.  Many have a new bus stop as well.  But the efforts made to pull this off aren't going un-noticed.

Parent Amber Urnston says, "We came out here early and they're trying to figure out what to do with us all and how to line us up and get us out of here as quickly as possible. They're trying. Everyone's trying their best."

Kecera adds, "Connally is great right now for at least giving us a place to finish school and learn. And we're really thankful right now."

School leaders say they don't know what the future has in store for West ISD quite yet.  Right now, they're just focusing on the present.

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