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West ISD's Q&A sheet for parents

Frequently Asked Questions from West ISD concerning Monday, April 22, 2013 and Beyond

Where do my children attend school?

Grades PK-6 report to West Elementary School

Grades 7-12 will be transported to Connally ISD.

What are the times for school days?

Grades PK-6: 8:00-3:00

Grades 7-12: 8:30-1:30

I want to bring my PK-6th grade student to school, where do I go?

We are encouraging bus riders to ride the bus if at all possible so that traffic is as manageable as possible. Right now,College Street is the only street open (per emergency operations office) and cars should enter there and drop off students in the front of the school only.

Car riders are encouraged to car pool. Please be patient, especially on Monday. Doors will open for PK-6 at 7:20. Afternoon pick up for car riders will be at the same location in front of the elementary school.

Where and what time do my children catch the bus to get to Connally?

Greg May Chevrolet will be the pick-up and drop off point for 7-12 grade students. Supervision will be provided there from 7:30 to 8:00 (bus leaves at 8:00am) and 1:30 to 2:30 (bus arrives at GM at 2:00). Regular 7-12 grade bus riders will stay on the bus when picked up at their regular stops and be taken to Greg May then on to Connally.

Please do not plan to leave your car at Greg May. There is no room for parking or security for cars.Any student not picked up by 2:30 will be taken to West Elementary. Please make every effort to make arrangements for timely pick up of your child as Greg May has no facility for holding them there.

What if I am staying with friends/family in Waco?

You will be transported to Connally or West by Connally ISD. Pick up and return will be behind the 39th Street Red Cross in Waco. Contact campuses for more information.

Can I drop my child off at Connally myself?

No. Traffic flow is an issue, so even if you are a Connally transfer to West, please meet at Greg May Chevrolet each morning.

If my high school student drives, is it OK to drive him/herself directly to Connally?

Yes. Take the Hwy 77/New Dallas Highway exit. Parking will be labeled for West students. Look for signs. Students are encouraged to carpool due to parking availability.

We are staying in Waco, can you help with transportation?


How do I contact my child's campus with questions or in an emergency?

Grades Pk-6: 254-981-2200

Grades 7 -8: 254-296-6485

Grades 9-12: 254-296-6486

Will my child be able to eat lunch and breakfast at school cafeterias?

Yes, cafeterias will be open for both meals.

What if we don't have school supplies and my books and back pack are in my locker?

School supplies will be waiting for each child when they get to school. If you have your books at home with you, bring them to school. If they are in your locker and are ok, the teachers will have books until we can get back into the schools to retrieve things.

I am worried about my child being afraid or not wanting to be at school, will the students have counseling support?

Yes, an amazing group of trained counselors and crises management counselors from the district and from around the region will be placed in each class room all day on Monday and for as many days as we need them. There will also be a counseling support center where students can seek respite to catch a breath or receive support outside the classroom as long as they need us.

What if my child's teacher is feeling some emotions from the events?

There are people on stand-by to take over classes if needed, to substitute and for counseling support for staff. The strength shown by our staff has been incredible. We are here for your children and our staff.

I work at West ISD; can my own child ride the bus from Connally to WES?

Yes. Teacher's children may stay on bus after the Greg May drop off and will be taken to WES.

Will the after school program be running as usual?

Yes, at the elementary campus.

My family wants to attend the memorial for first responders at Ferrell Center on Thursday; can my children go with us?

Yes, more information will be coming, but there will most likely be an early release that day.

What about TAKS/STAAR testing?

There will be no testing on Tuesday. The Texas Education Agency is giving us a great amount of flexibility on when/if we will be giving state exams. More information to come.

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