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West man says he's lucky to be alive

A trip up the stairs may have saved a West man's life.

Kevin Smith was in his home at the time of the explosion in West Wednesday night. He was on the second floor when he saw a flash of light and then what sounded like thunder.  But he soon realized it was something worse, an explosion.

"It picked me up and threw me about 10 feet and the room, took me a second to realize the roof, there was a hole in the roof and the roof was falling in on me," Smith said.

Smith says he thought it might have been a gas explosion from a house nearby. Whatever it was, though, he had to find a way to get out.

"So I looked into the hall and saw the hall was caved in too and so went to the stairs and saw they were caved in so I just slid down the dry wall because I couldn't get to the actual stairs," Smith said. 

Smith then called his wife, Holly Smith. She was driving on I-35 a few miles away. Holly Smith says she heard and felt the explosion and knew it was close to her home and her husband. 

"It was very scary in the car, I was just very glad and thankful to hear the phone ring and it was him," Holly Smith said. 

And looking back, her husband being on the second floor may have saved his life. Kevin Smith says there are larger windows downstairs and the floor could have collapsed on him.

"That actually is what saved his life is being on the second floor. If he would've been where he was a minute or two previously he would've not been here with us," Holly Smith said. 

Her husband did not escape the blast fully unharmed. Glass shards cut all across his face. However, even with blood blocking the view of his eyes, he still wanted to help out.

"I didn't think I was hurt that bad, I knew I had a cut on my face but I was still talking, I was still there, so I tried to help," Kevin Smith said. 

That's the same mindset Holly Smith took Thursday, the day after the explosions. She flipped hamburgers, helping to feed the first responders who helped her city. 

"She pretty much just has the clothes on her back but she works at visits angels also and she wants to plug into the community," Sarah Davison with the Visiting Angels said. 

But Thursday, after a horrific night with no sleep, the Smith family had a little reprieve. Their friends found their cat, Maxwell, in the rubble of their home. They were reunited mid afternoon. 


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