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Temple High School student dies overnight from self-inflicted gunshot wound


A Temple High School student died overnight after succumbing to wounds after shooting himself in the head on campus Tuesday morning. The student was a 15-year old freshmen. 

Some students and staff saw it happen.

Angel Rhem, a junior, recalls the announcement, "They were like 'soft lock down' and then all of the sudden they were like 'hard lock down'.  We usually don't take this kind of stuff seriously but we could tell in their voice that they were panicking so we were like, what's going on?"

Some students and parents say bullying had been going on.  And that's what may have caused the teen to want to end his life.  But police can't confirm that just yet.  They aren't saying how he got the gun either.

Corporal Christopher Wilcox, Temple Police Department's Chief Information Officer says, "To speculate on what safety measures may or may not have prevented this, it's just impossible to do."

School officials decided to keep students in class and try to proceed with the day as usual.

Brad Sheffield, the Temple Independent School District's Director of Communications says, "The kids are here to learn and we want to be able to protect them."

Parents were notified via email and social media.  Although they were encouraged to keep their kids in school, many chose to pick their children up and take them home.

Cathy Wyrick has a freshman daughter.  She says, "I was shocked at first and then a little freaked out so I'm calling her on her phone to see what happened... who wouldn't want to come get a daughter whenever there's a shooting at a school?"

School leaders say counselors will be available to students and staff all week.  Counselors at nearby districts have also offered to help out with the grieving process.

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