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Three charged in electric meter tampering


Tampering with electricity meters is a growing crime and more police are noticing it. It's also dangerous, and you can injure or kill yourself by doing it.

One Central Texas property owner is accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of electricity for over a year. Three people in Moody, Texas were arrested for tampering with their electric meters. One of those individuals who was charged, owns two of the properties. 

Ashley Leann Stevens, 19, and David Fernandez, 25, are both being charged for criminal mischief. The property owner is also being charged twice for criminal mischief since they own both properties: one house on the 600 block of Avenue G and another on the 600 block of Avenue F.

Moody police received a call about some residents tampering with their meters. After moody police and Oncor investigated, they concluded one property was receiving unmetered electricity from September of 2011 to this past February totaling over $7,600 dollars.

The other property totaling to $3,200 dollars stealing electric for nine months. Moody Chief Police Chris Veselka noticed that this is happening more and rough economic times may be why.

"Right now, we've noticed a lot. There's more of an up-tick in meter tampering. Its always been there and it's just not something that's always in the public eye, but more and more people are doing it," said Veselka. "People are struggling and they are trying to make it anyway they can, and unfortunately they take short cuts and there's consequences."

Oncor released a statement regarding this issue:

"Meter tampering is illegal and dangerous. Electricity theft is more than a crime; it's a safety issue. Many times those involved are tampering with the metering equipment and energized electrical wires, resulting in dangerous situations that could cause fires and put everyone at risk. At Oncor, we are concerned about the safety of all of our customers, including those engaging in the dangerous activity of stealing electricity."

If you see anyone tampering with electric meters, you are encouraged to contact Oncor right away.

Oncor: (888)313-6862

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