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Online divorce option increasing


You can get almost anything on the Internet, including a divorce. Family attorneys are noticing couples choosing the Internet over an attorney for a divorce by downloading forms off websites, and sending them to the courts. 

There are a lot of legal issues to take into consideration regarding family law. The Texas Family Code has 226 chapters and any couple considering getting an online divorce should read through those chapters carefully before deciding.

It may seem like an inexpensive fast way for couples. Family attorney Chelsea Herrera doesn't recommend it. 

"The Internet promises that it's going to be easy, cheap and quick. But it's often times not legally affective," said Herrera.

Online divorces are an increasing way for married couples who want to head to splitsville. But couples who don't know the law of the land can run into problems.

"I've also seen an increase in the number of partial precedents where the party will get half way throughout the precedents where they will have to fix for whatever issue's they arise," said Herrera.

Choosing this route can leave many not knowing their legal rights. In one case, a party was complete and ready to file with the judge, but the judge found legal issues. The main one? Child custody, and ordered them to hire an attorney. There was also another problem they missed.

"The parties missed the fact that the wife was entitled to part of the husbands benefits," said Herrera. "That was an issue we were able to catch where she was able to get a portion of that. Otherwise, she would not have."

Not only does it cause a bigger mess for the couple, but for the judges, too.

"In this case, they have final hearings where other parties where not able to get a divorce that would have otherwise been able to," said Herrera. "And they would have to redo it and that will backup everyone else."

One local judge told News Channel 25 most couples do not know how to complete the forms and they work for very few people. Anyone wanting to go this route, needs to do their homework.

The couples who can choose to divorce this way are the ones who do not have anything such as property, retirement or children.  

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