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U.S. Congressman Roger Williams weighs in on gun control

US Congressman Roger Williams weighs in on gun control, at a gun store.

In what was called a 2nd Amendment community event, Lampasas residents got a chance to talk with Williams at a gun store called Nocked and Loaded. 

"I've toured all over Central Texas lately, Burleson, to Copperas Cove, to Austin," Williams said.  "To reassure you that I will fight back against president Obama's attempts to restrict your rights as a citizen to own and bear arms."

Williams told people he would fight against gun legislation, saying the 2nd Amendment is sacred. 

"I believe in the 2nd Amendment, 2nd Amendment tells us what our right is," Williams said. 

There were around 30 people crammed into the local gun store Thursday. Most residents agreed with Williams. 

"Our 2nd Amendment requires us to have a well armed militia and it's to protect us from any foreign or domestic threat to a free state," Nocked and Loaded owner John Wade. 

Specifically, Williams spoke against laws limiting gun magazines, banning assault rifles and increasing background checks. 

"I want to give my son a gun for Christmas, why should I go to a gun dealer, why should you get a check?" Adamsville resident Donald Baker. "My father died, I inherited his gun why should I go through a government bureaucracy to receive my inheritance?"

Residents expressed their worry over current legislation on those bans.  However, Williams has a solution.

"If we go back on the 2nd Amendment, read it, stand on it, we can move on to other things. That's what we need to do," Williams said. 

While residents did were very supportive of Williams, they reminded him to stay true to his word.  That is to do in Congress what he is promising to Central Texans. 

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