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Study calls for better mental health care for veterans

A study wants mental health care to improve for veterans. 

The Institute of Medicine conducted the study after being commissioned by congress and the Pentagon.  The study concluded that the Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense need to improve on providing health care for soldiers.

The study describes several problems including improving on providing timely and adequate mental health care.  As well as getting rid of the stigma against soldiers seeking help for mental health problems. 

The study also calls on the military services to adjust to changes going through the military.  That includes an increasing number of women and number of non-traditional families. 

The study wants the VA and DOD to work on decreasing the number of sexual assaults.   As well as changing the definition of a family to include same sex couples, non married couples, single parents and step families.  That way those families can receive the same benefits as heterosexual married couple families. 

The study also calls for the DOD to change its policy for allowing veterans at a suicide risk to have personal guns.  Currently the Department of Defense prohibits taking away guns even if a person is on a suicide risk.

The Veterans Affairs sent a statement Wednesday saying, "This report provides VA a better understanding of the difficulties some veterans face as they readjust to home, reconnect with family members, find employment and return to school."

The VA also says they are willing to work with the department of defense.  That way information can flow from one organization to the other.  Which makes it easier for soldiers to transition from active duty to veteran life.

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