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Discontinuing payments on rented furniture can lead to arrests


Most customers who rent furniture from a leasing company think falling behind or not making payments is no big deal, but guess again.

According to an affidavit, Brandy Moravec was arrested for theft of service. She had an agreement with Aaron's Sale and Lease in Waco to rent a HP Laptop computer, 42'' TV, 3D TV, Sony PS3 game set and a Beats Audio Headset. 

The agreement states Moravec would make monthly payments on the products, and if she stopped she knew charges would be filed.

A registered letter was sent to her last known address. The letter was returned unsigned and now Moravec has bigger problems.

In a statement released by Aaron's, Inc., "Aaron's provides everyday necessities through an affordable, lease ownership program.  While we cannot comment on specific customer situations, Aaron's goes above and beyond the call of customer service to willingly work with our customers, creating a mutually agreeable lease-to-own plan.  Aaron's is extremely flexible as we help our customers attain ownership of brand-name products.  We work with our customers to create a regular payment plan and when they are not able to pay, we willingly pick up the product."

Waco Police Department sees about four to five cases a month like this one. 

"They just stop paying it and won't return it, or will move and the realty company won't know when to contact them," said Sgt. Patrick Swanton, Public Information Officer for Waco Police Department. "They will send them a certified letter saying either bring it back to us or pay off or we are going to file. And if they don't, we are going to file charges."

Some customers who rent products this way, are often not aware that criminal charges can be filed against them if they can't or don't make payments. 

They usually think, if they stop making payments they can get away with it. One defense attorney told me that's a misconception, and some leasing company's will call authorities. 

"For people who are wanting to get that nice couch and nice TV, these type of places are going to seem like a quick and easy way of doing it rather than saving up the money to get it done," said Seth Sutton, Attorney at Law."You are inviting a lot of potential problems. I recommend people saving up the money and buying it all at once."

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