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Waco program planned to keep businesses in town


It's a businesses incubator and it could create millions of dollars for the city of Waco.

Waco has had a history of losing businesses to other towns.  That's why the Waco Chamber of Commerce and Baylor University are partnering to create thIncspace.  Chamber officials say this program gives entrepreneurs at Baylor, TSTC, McLennan Community College and members of the public a space to create businesses. 

"It's an opportunity that we haven't captured yet and that's really what we're trying to do," city director of urban development Chris McGowan said. 

McGowan says Baylor's entrepreneur program is ranked second in the nation.  He says that's something they needed to tap into. 

"Which overall makes Waco a better place to live, not to mention the fact that we're pumping more dollars into the economy," McGowan said. 

While the program is open to anyone, only Baylor entrepreneur students can use it for free.  Members of the public have to pitch their ideas to get in and would have to pay a fee to use office space.  McGowan says this isn't profit oriented, but a way to get like-minded thinkers in the same room. 

"It's more than just a space, it's more than just a place to work, it's also a way to connect with other people," McGowan said. 

Baylor adjunct faculty member David Grubbs teaches entrepreneur students.  He says he would have loved a program like this when he started his own businesses. 

"Being an entrepreneur is not a nine to five gig," Grubbs said.  "It's something that you have to do and work really hard at so this provides a forum and a place to do that."

Grubbs says many students leave Waco because bigger cities give more opportunities and have a better entrepreneur culture. 

"If you develop a really strong entrepreneur community in Waco, a lot of businesses will probably stay," Grubbs said. 

Dalton Goldman is a senior at Baylor.  He has already started his own business through the university selling shaving supplies online.  He says he can understand why students would leave after already living four years in Waco for school. 

"There's not a lot for a young professional to do in Waco, four years in the same town, people are just like let's get out," Goldman said. 

McGowan says they've already recruited a business from out of state.  ThIncSpace will be at 801 Washington Ave. near downtown.  The grand opening is planned for April 4th. 

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