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Schools react to proposed state gun legislation


Some Baylor University staff and faculty oppose a proposed bill that would allow individuals to carry concealed weapons on campus. 

State Senator Brian Birdwell proposed Senate Bill 182 last Thursday.  On Monday Baylor faculty members Blake Burleson and doctor Robin Wallace organized  a petition and presented it to Birdwell's office.  The petition had 120 signatures and the two professors gave a statement shortly after. 

Burleson and Wallace say they oppose the bill for three reasons: 1) allowing guns would be disruptive, 2) college campuses are places where students live, eat and sleep and should be kept a safe place, 3) concealed handguns could make campuses more dangerous.

"We believe more guns are less safe not more safe. So for these three reasons we believe senator Birdwell's bill is a bad idea," Burleson said. 

Several representatives from Temple College, Texas A&M Central Texas and TSTC say they're waiting to see what will happen and they will follow whatever the state legislature decides. 

McClennan Community College president Dr. Johnette McKown also gave this statement:

"If the bill passes, we hope a provision would be included that would allow our Board of Trustees to make the final decision whether guns would be allowed on campus.  They are elected officials and we believe it would be appropriate for them to decide for our campus."

The bill does say private or independent schools may establish their own rules on whether or not guns may be carried on campus. 

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