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Hundreds gather by I-35 to honor Chris Kyle


MCLENNAN COUNTY - Hundreds gathered, lining the streets and highway overpasses throughout Central Texas to honor Navy Seal Chris Kyle during a 214-mile journey to Austin. 

The view down I-35 was chilling while supporters stood out in the cold rain to pay their respects. 

"Honoring such a hero, and by honoring Chris Kyle, we're not only honoring him and his family and his service to the country, but we are also honoring every single service man or woman who serve our country," said Valerie Duty Citrano.

The funeral procession began a little later than expected. Starting at Midlothian, the motorcade involved several hundred cars, motorcycles and buses totaling 300 vehicles.

Semi trucks on the opposite side of the highway belt their horns. Cars pulled over along the way, paying their respects when Kyle came by.

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Parents and children, veterans, military personnel and students stood along the highway, and waited till the procession passed.

"I just wanted to pay my respects to Chris Kyle and his family, and all of our military really," said Cindy Waltrip. 

The Central Texas community gathered two hours prior to the procession, holding posters and waving flags. Some stood there with mixed emotions.

"I'm feeling sad because the funeral procession is coming through, but then I'm happy because all these people turned out to honor his death," said Nick Atkins, a student who came out with his class.

For miles and miles, it was a highway full of support for our troops. Nothing in site but only the amount of patriotism along the way to Austin where he'll be laid to rest. 

"Look at the people who are lining the road, and they are lining the road from Midlothian to Austin," said Citrano. "It's such a great honor to be here and be able to share this." 



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