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Hateful Artwork on Belton Overpass

Yesterday afternoon a Belton resident noticed an interesting looking stencil on the 190 overpass near George Wilson.

Frances Knight spoke to News Channel 25's Markeya Thomas about how she stopped to take a picture of the graffiti because it showed swastikas being thrown in a trash can.

"I was coming back from town and stopped at a stop sign and I noticed a strange stencil," Knight explains. "And I noticed it said 'white trash' on it, so I pulled across the road to really see it, then I noticed they were swastikas."

Knight has served on several equal rights boards and has fought for peace and equality through the times of frequent race riots.

"I saw the hatred and never understood hatred. And it just gives me the creeps," says Knight.

Ken Roberts of TX Dot says when vandalism happens, they rush out to paint over it with special paint that prevents graffiti from sticking. They also alert law enforcement so they can monitor the area of vandalism more closely.

"These kind of things are going to take place at night. Early morning/late night time frame when there is little traffic out," says Roberts. "Also, when law enforcement is spread thin trying to cover various roadways in the area."

Soon after we spoke to Roberts, he sent someone out to cover the graffiti.

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