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Pro-Life memorial damaged by vandals

Rachel's Park Memorial in Waco, was vandalized over the weekend. More than 600 white crosses, reinforced by rebar, were mowed down by a vehicle. Parts of the fence surrounding the park, tires, oil and parts of the vehicles underside also littered the park.

The vandalism was reported to police Saturday after someone in the neighborhood notice the damage at 4720 North 19th Street.

Rachel's Park Memorial Founder and Director Rusty Thomas said the memorial is dedicated to "preborn babies murdered by abortion."

"We live in a nation that is not only content to see the problem destroyed under our watch, but now there are those amongst us that actually want to destroy their memory," said Thomas.

The memorial features a display of 4,000 crosses, every one of them put in by Thomas. He says they "represents the number of abortions that happen a day."

Rachel's Park Memorial has been vandalized two other times before but, this attack has been the most devastating in terms of the amount of damage that's been done, said Thomas.

Thomas says he remortgaged his home twice, to pay for the park and is now looking into buying a chain-linked fence to secure it. 

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