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West Texas Inmate makes bomb threat at local school


An inmate from a West Texas county jail made a prank phone call to a Marlin school that was far from funny.

At 2:45 p.m. on Monday a Marlin Elementary School secretary received a phone call from inmate Willie Solomon who told her there was a bomb in the school.

The elementary school and the middle school were evacuated and moved to the high school. After the school was evacuated  police, firefighters and deputies arrived on the scene.

Fire fighters searched through every classroom to make sure there was no bomb in the school.

Solomon was serving time in Ector County Jail in Odessa, TX. He denies making the phone call but detectives say it wasn't hard to trace the phone call back to him at all.

"Although he denies making the phone call we've got his voice on the recording, inmate phone calls are recorded and we've got video of him making the call," Detective Rob Douglas explained. "We will not tolerate bomb threats of any type. Each and every threat will be dealt with and charges will be filed on somebody."

Solomon has quite a criminal record. Marlin police say he led officers on a high speed chase in a stolen car a few years ago, and according to the Ector county jail Solomon was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police there say he is responsible for shooting a teen.

Solomon is being charged with false alarm/public service, that's a state felony. Once Solomon is finished serving his time in Ector county jail he will be brought to Falls County jail to serve his time for this new charge there.

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