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Baylor University investigates controversial photos


Baylor University is investigating some students after pictures surfaced of them dressed in Mexican costumes. The pictures have been deemed by some as racist and offensive, and have prompted the investigation.

Baylor says these pictures were taken off campus and did not happen at a function sponsored by a student organization. The pictures were first discovered by the website,, on a Baylor student's Facebook page.

The images show five females dressed in serapes, sombreros, mustaches, and appear to have put a substance on their face that resembled dirt. They also were wearing green signs around their neck that read "green card."

In another picture found on one of the student's Instagram accounts, the students sit on top of a fence and included a caption that read, "Best entrance ever. #lodge #Mexicans #hoppin-tha-fence viva Mexico."

Baylor University spokesperson Lori Fogleman said the university has no tolerance for racism at the school and thus they will continue to investigate the situation.

"We are currently investigating the incident. We are fully aware of it," Fogleman said. "We have identified the students involved in the incident and we are in the middle of having conversations with them through our student conduct process."

The Facebook and Instagram accounts of the Baylor student has been deleted.

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