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Dead dog site found in Marlin; Police investigate


Marlin--It was a gruesome scene for one Marlin official who discovered several bags of dead carcasses near a park.

Mayor Elizabeth Nelson found the dead animals in a wooded area that's typically used for disposing landscaping debris, but what was underneath the clumps and piles of dirt was horrifying.

"There were skeletal remains, jaw bones with the canine teeth," Mayor Nelson Described.

the Falls County Animal Rescue Mission got calls that strange men were shooting dogs and dumping them there. Nelson went out to see for herself, and sure enough the tip was true.

"It's illegal dumping is what it is," Nelson said. "We are going to get to the bottom of this and we are going to stop this."

Nelson immediately called police. Officers were called out to the site and sifted through the skeletal remains.

"Very disturbing to find out there were dead animals inside that city park near where the kids come and play," Sgt. John Cornish explained.

There were reports that the dogs appeared to be shot, but that's unconfirmed. While police officers investigate and interview residents the city will put up signs that prohibit illegal dumping.

Rumors that city employees were dumping the dogs near the park are also being investigated.

The city of marlin doesn't have it's own animal shelter and has paid Waco's Humane Society to take in their stray animals.

Mayor nelson says animal control is not the problem in this incident, it's illegal dumping.

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