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Neighbors help catch burglar

By: Chris Cheng

HARKER HEIGHTS – Police said the quick thinking of a group of neighbors helped them catch a burglar in Harker Heights.

Police arrested Trason James Taylor, late Thursday night, for allegedly breaking into a home on the 2500 block of Jackson Drive.

Residents there said they try to look out for each other as much as possible.

Back in October, that statement was put to the test when Taylor was allegedly seen in their neighborhood.

"I was thinking there's something strange about this, this doesn't feel right. So I started following him and he started walking faster and faster and the next thing you know he goes into the neighbor's back yard," Samantha said. (We have changed the names of the residents to protect their identities.)

Samantha said she eventually caught up with Taylor and asked him what he was doing in her neighbor's yard.

"I said hey do you live there, and he's like ‘no I'm watering their dog. They called and asked me to water their dog,'" Samantha said.

Samantha said she had a gut feeling it was a lie and so she ran to get help from her neighbor "John."

"So I come walking across the street and I take a picture and just as I am trying to take a picture, of the license plate, the kid gets into the car and burns out," John said.

Luckily, he was able to snap a clear enough of a picture that police could identify the license plate. After a few weeks of detective work, officers were able to trace the truck back to Taylor.

"Turns out my neighbors daughter was missing an iPad, some jewelry, things like that and said that this kid apparently had been in the house before and was coming back to get more stuff," John said.

Police admit if it hadn't been for those neighbors the burglar would have probably targeted other homes on the block.

"You know you gotta take a stand sometime, and tell them it ain't gunna happen on this block. You want to do something go to the next block or go to the block after that," John said.

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