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Scott & White Hospital suing Texas companies for building defects


Scott and White Hospital officials have decided to file a lawsuit against eight Texas companies after they noticed many defects at their main facility, the Center for Advanced Medicine.

These defects have forced the hospital to reconstruct the exterior of the building, which could cost more than $20 million.

Hospital officials noticed a water leak in the facility in 2010 after a rainstorm. When they brought in forensics experts to examine the leak, they noticed many other problems to the building.

President and CEO of Scott & White Healthcare Robert Pryor does not plan on waiting till after the lawsuit to fix the problem because they plan on reconstructing the building as soon as possible.

"We are doing this because we are going to get out in front so we make sure that our patients and our staff and our physicians are protected from anything that might happen," Pryor said. "So we are getting way out ahead of this, we are constructing it immediately and we are doing this as fast as we found out there was a problem."

The reconstruction of the Center for Advanced Medicine is expect to start in early 2013. Construction will be separated into 30-foot sections around the building over the course of 18 months.

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