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'Arrow Kitty Cat' Finds New Home

By John Elizondo

TEMPLE - The cat that was shot in the face with an arrow has fully recovered and now has a new home.

Veterinarians at the Temple Veterinary Hospital of Western Hills released the "Arrow Kitty Cat" Monday. The vets didn't want to release the cat until she was able to drink and eat on her own.

Dr. Keith Gudgel said when he arrived at work on October 1 a woman brought in an injured cat to the Temple Veterinary Hospital of Western Hills.

"I been in Temple for 22 years and doing this now for 42 years and I have not seen anything like that," Gudgel said.

The cat, better known as "Arrow Kitty Cat," had a full size arrow puncture its nose, go through its mouth and exit through its neck. Vets at the Temple clinic believe "Arrow Kitty Cat" had the object stuck in her face since September 28, which kept her from being able eat or drink water.

"The kitty cat didn't look good, she probably had the arrow in her for a few days and was severely dehydrated and starving," Gudgel said.

On October 2, Gudgel and his staff performed a 45 minute surgery and were able to safely remove the arrow from the cat. The cat still had an open wound that the vets were able to flush out to avoid infection and she was fed through a feeding tube.

Several dozen people had made donations and placed their names on a list to adopt "Arrow Kitty Cat" at the Temple Veterinary Hospital of Western Hills last week. 

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