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Killeen residents angry with delays in Hasan trial

By: Chris Cheng

KILLEEN – The city of Killeen was forever changed nearly three years ago, after the tragic shooting on Fort Hood.

The accused shooter, Major Nidal Hasan, has yet to go to trial which is making dozens of people in Killeen angry.

"I am just appalled how they just keep postponing this thing over and over again," Ricky Thompson said.

Thompson, like many in Killeen, served in our nation's military, but he and his family have a unique tie to the 2009 shooting that killed

13 people and injured 29 others.

"My wife worked in the same office as Hasan so it affected my wife and it affected my family because the whole thing could have started there," Thompson said.

Friday, the Army Criminal Court of Appeals issued a stay in the trial, after the defense filed two appeals to determine if the federal law known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) allows Hasan to keep his beard during his court martial.

"This excuse that he is wanting to not cut his beard because of religious purpose well he didn't think of that when he first became enlisted in the military," Thompson said.

John Davis, a recently retired soldier, said the courts decision to freeze trial proceedings makes it harder for the victim's families to move forward.

"How would you feel if your family was killed in that process and you don't see nothing being done about it; there is no closure," Davis said.

Davis, who moved to Killeen shortly after the shooting, believes Hasan is getting special treatment.

"It makes me feel very disgusted; it makes me feel like justice has not been served. You take a normal civilian or anybody who would have done the same thing he did they'd been slung on death row, trial would have been quick, easy, fast and in a hurry."

Many believe there is enough evidence to move things forward and to not have any more delays.

"He shot the people and there's witness so if there are witness out there then bottom line they shouldn't take a case that long if you already have evidence," Dorsett Patterson said.

For now many residents, along with the victims families may have to wait several weeks as the appeals make their way through the system.

Even if the Army Court of Criminal Appeals denies Hasan's request to keep the beard, the defense could take their case to the Armed Forces Court of Appeals.

If that happens, don't expect the trial to begin until mid to late October.

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