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Midway ISD makes more plans towards final budget cuts

by Danielle Skinner

WACO - At Tuesday night's Midway ISD board meeting, the district continued to discuss ways they could go about cutting $3.7 million dollars from their budget.

The board looked at a Plan "A" and a plan "B". Both consisted of a two tiered bussing system that will change the start times of classes in different grade levels.

Interim Superintendent Chris Allen said after conducting a survey parents preferred Plan "A", which would have earlier school start times for high school and middle school children, and a later start time for elementary students.

Board members also looked at cutting back on teacher stipends in order to save money, but before making any decision they requested more information on revenues and expenditures for next year. The board has not yet finalized any plans.

The board plans on finalizing their budget plans by March of this year and will hold special meetings to make that deadline.  

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