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Waco ISD teacher is accused of hitting student in classroom

by Danielle Skinner

WACO- For the past week Waco ISD administrators have been investigating an incident involving an educator taking discipline into their own hands.

At Brazos Middle School a teacher is accused of back handing a student, and the mother of that child wants answers.

Michael Lloyd says one of his teachers hit him after a teacher confronted the class about a bad grade.

"She said, I hope y'all do better than they just did, and I said why you always got to roast?" asked Lloyd.

Michael says he was joking but apparently the teacher didn't find it that funny. When he turned around in his seat he says she hit him across his back.

His mother, Shawna Lloyd says this isn't the first time Michael was hit by this teacher.

"The first time it was with a stack of papers. I reported it to the assistant principle and it went nowhere," said Lloyd.

The administration responded with a statement saying after doing an investigation they found a student was infact hit by a teacher, and the teacher's behavior was inappropriate.

They also released a list of recommendations the teacher has to follow to ensure this doesn't happen again. Among those are counseling sessions and a reprimand. When Lloyd read the list, she was shocked.

"I'm not understanding, you are admitting this woman hit my child, it's been found that she physically put her hands on him and nothing was done about it?" asked Lloyd.

Then she went a step further and went to the police. She filed a police report and she was told she can not press charges because no law was broken.

Lloyd still wants the district to respond better, and she wants the parents to pay attention.

"If your child comes to you and tells you a teacher hit them or something happened, listen to them, don't take it lightly, ask questions."

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