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Baylor student's motivational video goes viral

by Adam Shear

WACO - The idea that people should look for inner beauty in their relationships is not a new by any means, but when a Baylor University student posted a video online about living out that belief he received quite the response.

Freshman Alex Eklund was watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Nov. when he began to question what people believe makes a woman look beautiful.

Instead of keeping his thoughts to himself he posted a video on YouTube about Proverbs 31, which tells men to value a woman's emotional connection because beauty and charm can be deceiving.

Within a day it had gone viral.

"I had just posted as my status I'd rather have a Proverbs 31 woman than a Victoria Secret model and then people started reposting my status," said Eklund. "My friend Jake was just like 'hey you want to make a video to kind of explain this a little more' and so we did that and so it just blew up on YouTube."

Since Dec. 7 the video has over 205,000 views with most of the viewers being women between 13-54 years old.

Eklund and some of his friends also have created a Facebook page that has nearly 15,000 likes, a twitter account with almost 1,500 people following it, and to further spread the group's message.

"We have an amazing platform and an incredible response. It would be dumb not to use this notoriety that we have to make a positive impact in the world," said Eklund.

While he and his friends receive daily thank you messages, not everyone that has seen the video believes in his message.

Eklund claims that a few Internet bloggers have tried to tear his idea apart. Some Baylor students believe that the message can be taken the wrong way.

"I'm just wondering what if a Victoria Secret model is a Proverbs 31 woman?" said Kate Arvese, a Baylor student. "I think that someone who has outer beauty can also have inner beauty, so its just setting a stereotype of a Victoria Secret model. You can also have a genuine heart and love the lord. "

Eklund did address some of the confusion surrounding his video. He does believe that Victoria Secret models can also be Proverbs 31 women and that he was just using them as a symbol because of the negative body images they create for women. His organization is actually in contact with a former Victoria Secret model to help promote their cause.

Eklund is also planning to release merchandise for the Live 31 movement with all of the proceeds going to non-profits.

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