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Lake Waco murderer seeking new evidence

by Adam Shear

WACO - One of the three men convicted in the famous 1982 Lake Waco Murders is attempting to use DNA evidence that he believes might prove his innocence.  

Anthony Melendez, who originally pled guilty to two of the three murders at Lake Waco, believes that DNA evidence that was not originally available because the technology to test did not exist could get him out of his current sentence.

Melendez is currently serving two consecutive life sentences.

Melendez's attorney, Walter Reeves, began the process of getting a motion to use the DNA testing Friday morning in the McLennan County 54th District court.

"I mean it's not something that would ever be absolutely 100% conclusive but I mean I think it is definitely a pretty strong piece of evidence," said Reeves. "If we can get [the DNA evidence] that will show his innocence."

Melendez's DNA evidence is currently being tested by Ed Blake, a forensic scientist in California.

The defense plans to use Blake as a material witness if the state allows the motion for the DNA evidence to be used in trial.

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