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Possible takeover and expansion of Waco Water Park

By Noel Brennan

WACO- At a price tag of $5 million, the Waco Water Park could double in size, draw thousands of visitors from Central Texas and boost Waco's economy.

The City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday evening to allow City Manager Larry Groth to continue negotiations with Hawaiian Falls Water Parks.  The private water park company currently has four parks in Central Texas.

While the total cost of renovating the Waco Water Park is expected to reach and possibly exceed $5 million, Groth said Hawaiian Falls would cover half the bill and pay rent.

"We're looking at a 40-year lease and their investment - all the capital they put in - it all still belongs to us, so we'll still own everything," explained Groth. "They'll just bring in some money for the opportunity to run it."

Hawaiian Falls would take over managing the park and would oversee its daily operation. As many as 175 new jobs would be available at the park.

Groth added that the proposed park would be comparable to other large water parks, but would include "some features" that other Texas parks don't have.

David Alby, spokesman for Hawaiian Falls Water Parks, hinted that thrill rides, taller sliders and a larger, longer and deeper lazy river may be in store for Waco.

Construction for the water park could begin as early as November.

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