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Major security changes coming to Fort Hood

By Stephanie Jacksis

FORT HOOD - Civilian police officers are not having their contracts renewed. Fort Hood officials have decided to put military police in charge of post security.

The job belonged to military police officers before the September 11 attacks.  Due to the large number of military officers sent to fight overseas, the post hired civilian police officers on a year to year basis.

The civilian police officers were only meant to be a temporary replacement.  Now that deployment has decreased and military police are returning, civilian officer jobs will not longer be renewed.

Some of you expressed your thoughts and concerns on News Channel 25's Facebook wall.

"It's a military installation," Javan Walden wrote, adding, "I believe that military should protect their own.  This will permit the civilian officers to do civilian patrolling and whatever else."

But Michael Robison responded, saying, "I'm all for U.S. soldiers keeping our gates secure... but with the draw down in the military and civilian force, it's going to put more stress on the soldiers here at home, to have to continue the jobs that were being done by civilians."

"People contracted by the military get paid more than a soldier that has been certified and trained to do the same exact job," Tiffany Martindale wrote.  "So I'm all for them giving the jobs back to the military.  People seem to forget it hasn't always been civilians patrolling... that's what MP's are for."

Despite recent threats on Fort Hood soldiers, officials told News Channel 25 the number of security personnel will not be decreasing, nor should there be visible changes at Fort Hood's garrison.

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