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Strip club skirts ordinance to avoid shutdown

By Bruce Gietzen

WACO - A Waco strip club changed the way it does business for a few days so it can stay open until a court rules on a temporary restraining order.

Tuesday the Waco City Council denied a request from Sonny's BYOB to overturn a one-year suspension of its Sexually Oriented Business license

The Council cited code and ordinance violations, including prostitution incidents where dancers at the club sold sex to customers in a private room.  Undercover officers said two different times they were propositioned to have sex for money.

The business was notified April 18th of the license revocation.

Wednesday night Sonny's was open for business, but a spokesman told News Channel 25 in a phone call its dancers will not be totally nude for a few days, so the club wouldn't be subject to the "sexually oriented business" guidelines. 

"It's the same way Two-Minnies and Showtime are able to stay in business," the man explained.

"We'll operate that way until Monday, and if the restraining order is denied, then we'll file a lawsuit to stay open," the spokesman added.

The petition for a restraining order filed by the club in Waco's 414th District Court Wednesday said the City of Waco renewed Sonny's license as recently as January after a number of inspections by the Fire Department, Police and the Health Department.

It also refuted the City's accusations about ordinance violations, claiming dancers at the club are independent contractors, not employees, and they are paid only by customers and not Sonny's. 

The petition also claims club management did not intentionally make false or misleading presentations in a license renewal application, and did not know of or allow any sex acts on the premises.

A court hearing on the temporary restraining order is scheduled for 2 PM Monday in the 414th District Court.



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