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BBB scandal: Allegations hit Central Texas

by John Cuoco

WACO - A massive scandal is continuing to rock the Better Business Bureau.

It started as a national investigation alleging good ratings from the BBB can be bought.

The original ABC News investigation claimed that if you become a member of the BBB you're sure to get great ratings, but if you don't your business could get slammed.

Shockwaves went through the business world when earlier this year when the mid-eastern terror group Hamas was listed as a member of the BBB and received an A- rating.

At the same time a skin-head, white racist, web site called Storm Front got an A+.

Both groups paid $425 to become members, both were the handiwork of an anonymous blogger and a group of business owners out to show that the BBB may be flawed, while more obviously more reputable business get worse ratings.

Central Texas isn't free from it's own allegations against the organization.

"I think it makes it useless for the consumer, cause they're not getting the truth," Bobby Storm, a Waco business owner said.

Storm has owned Storm's Nursery in Waco for 15 years, he used to be a of member the BBB until he said the dues became too much. Soon after he quit he began getting yearly visits.

"They would come trying to get us to join and I know while they were here they said we would get better credibility ratings and if complaints got filed against us, we would get better results than if we were not," Storm explained.

News Channel 25 called the BBB in Central Texas, they denied these practices.

"I would say, when dealing with handling complaints there is no difference being accredited with the BBB."

Unless a business is part of their dispute resolution service. They added that their job is to make the marketplace more trustworthy for consumers and businesses.

We looked up all the nursery's in Waco on the BBB web site, there was only one accredited, it has a rating of A+.

All other nurseries, including Storm's, range in grade from B+ to A. There were no other A+ ratings.

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