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Window Film, Motors & More

Don't let the sun damage your interiors. Over time, harsh UV rays can potentially fade and damage your furniture, carpet and art. Protect your interiors with window film from Budget Blinds.

Available in commercial, residential and security grade, window film is installed directly onto your window's surface, eliminating hot spots and reducing glares. Window film can also save you money on energy costs by absorbing solar heat in the summer and providing a layer of insulation in the winter.

Security grade window film can even protect you and your family during destructive weather conditions, explosions and "smash and grab" theft. This tough window film holds shattered glass in place.

Contact your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant today to learn more about how window film can work for you.

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Allow light and air to flow freely through your home with retractable screens from Budget Blinds. Great for windows, balconies, porches, verandas and sliding doors, retractable screens diffuse light and provide a layer of protection to your home without dramatically altering your view.

Choose from a variety of innovative fabrics that protect your home and reduce your energy costs.

Increase your screen's functionality with motorization. You can raise and lower your screens easily at the touch of button.

Get more information on our retractable screens with a FREE in-home consultation.

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When window coverings and wall treatments can make your kids say "Wow!", you know you're on to something big. Budget Blinds can create your child's dream into a reality with printed shades from Creative Shadings® as well as imaginative and unique designs of borders, murals and more. When your kids' rooms look this great, they might even keep them clean!

Budget Blinds has products that will delight the young and the young at heart. We understand that your home is your castle, so our Style Consultants give you the royal treatment from our very first visit at your free In-Home Consultation.

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Window covering motorization powered by Somfy offers many benefits, it allows you to eliminate harsh glare when viewing television or computer screens without interrupting your activity. You can also efficiently save energy and manage heat gain and loss with easy control of the sunlight that enters your home. At the same time, you can protect your valuable furnishings, floor coverings and artwork from damaging UV rays. Motorization also allows you to enjoy all of the practical benefits of your shades, like instant privacy, without even thinking about it; you'll actually find yourself using your shades more because now they are so easy to operate. Motorized window coverings powered by Somfy combine all of this functionality with the covering type of your choice. These stylish and practical systems can be controlled with a wide array of options from wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, timers, and more. Additionally, all Somfy motors and controls are backed by a five year warranty.

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