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Complete Car Care Center's Services

Air Conditioning Service
Complete A/C work available. 134A and R12 freon. Recovery system is available to recover your existing freon. Compressors, accumulators, orifice tubes, belts.

2 & 4 wheel alignments plus we also do Extra long wheel base alignments and alignments for vehicles with 20" wheels.

Check amp and voltage reading. Replace unit if necessary.

Batteries (AC Delco & Interstate)
Check cold cranking ampage and check voltage readings. Clean terminal ends. Replace terminal ends or battery, if needed.

Repair includes replacing pads/shoes, turning rotors/drums, packing bearings where applicable, and bleed brakes. Test drive vehicle. Limited Lifetime warranty on brake pads/shoes when purchased and replaced at Freddie Kish's Complete Car Care Center.

Complete Engine & Transmission Repair Or Replacement & Installation
12,000 mile/12 month warranty. Call for complete details on your vehicle. To insure the integrity of the work, we do all repairs and installation in house.

Computerized Diagnostics
Using up-to-date equipment, we take the guess work out of engine repairs, therefore we save you time and money on your repairs.

Custom Wheels
We are proud to offer a wide selection of Custom Wheels. Come into our shop and choose the style that fits you!

Checking starting & charging systems, troubleshooting electrical shorts.

Fuel Injection Service
Cleaning fuel injectors, replacement and diagnostics.

Oil & Lube
Remove filter & drain oil, replace with new oil filter & oil, check all fluid levels. Check all belts, hoses, and tire pressure. Put reminder sticker on vehicle for next oil change.

Timing Belts
Most vehicles are recommended to replace at 60,000 - 80,000 miles. Please check with your vehicle maintenance manual for details on when to replace.

We carry major brands of tires, including Michelin, BF Goodrich and UniRoyal. As a member of American Car Care Centers we offer "out-the-door" pricing. Free flat repair and free rotation for the life of the tires on all full sets of tires. We recommend an alignment with each set of tires. This will help extend the life of your tire. Need tires? Let us give you a free price quote.

Test drive to check running. Remove and replace spark plugs & spark plug wires (when needed), check ignition and timing. Check fuel filter and air filter, replace if necessary. Scope engine.

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