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Killeen Pest Control's Services

Killeen Pest Control offers an in depth approach to all of your pest management needs.

Step 1: Inspection & Analysis
Killeen Pest Control will send out a licensed, uniformed and insured inspector to evaluate your property. Estimates are free. There is no obligation. For this initial step, we will:

  • Locate the pest infestations and assess the damages they have caused.
  • Determine the factors that contribute to the infestation and suggest improvements.
  • Allow you to select, from a wide variety of options, the pest control solution that best fits your needs.

Step 2: Treatment
The object of the initial treatment is the removal of all pests. The products used are environmentally conscious.

Step 3: Maintenance
Preventive exterior treatments will be applied.

Step 4: Manage Results
We will continuously provide you with the best products and treatments available.

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