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What will happen to Baker's mistress, Vanessa Bulls?

by Sara Talbert

WACO- It's a question that's been asked throughout the Matt Baker trial. What will happen to his mistress Vanessa Bulls?

"If Matt Baker is guilty of killing his wife, Vanessa Bulls is guilty of helping him," Matt Baker's former attorney Guy James Gray said. But prosecutors say they have no plans to charge the woman who admittedly lied to the grand jury about knowing Baker's plans to kill to his wife Kari Baker.

Baker was sentenced to 65 years in prison on Thursday.  Vanessa Bulls was granted immunity from the Grand Jury in March 2009; allowed her to tell her story to them without repercussions.

But while on stand, she admitted to lying.  "In Grand Jury, did you tell the truth about having an affair with Matt before Kari's death? No. I did not. Did you tell the truth about knowing Matt's plan to kill Kari? No," answered Bulls during testimony given Tuesday.  

Bulls also confessed that she did not tell investigators the truth.  "I told them he killed his wife but did not tell them how he did it." Prosecutor Crawford Long though says she eventually did tell the truth while on stand in the trial and without immunity.

"The one thing I'll have to give her credit for, once she got the Grand Jury testimony and testified, she never asked for any kind of immunity. She got on the stand and opened herself up to whatever could happen," said Long.

But, Gray disagrees.  "She admitted she did not give the Grand Jury the same info as the trial. The grant of testimonial immunity specifically says if witness lies or fails to provide the court information, immunity does not prevent prosecution," Gray said.

The question though now is what could happen to Bulls? Prosecutors say other than a possible misdemeanor charge for making false statements to police officers, they cannot charge her.

"As bad as it is that you know somebody's going to murder somebody, in Texas, that's not a criminal act," Long said.

Gray doubts she'll be charged, but doesn't necessarily agree.

"She was asked how and she gave an answer and later she was asked how and she gave a different answer. So she can say I didn't give a full answer and I say bullshit," Gray said.

News Channel 25 called Bulls on Friday. There was no answer and no call back. Killeen ISD has confirmed Bulls was placed on administrative leave, with pay from her teaching job at a Harker Heights middle school.

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