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General Surgery

There are times when medication and lifestyle adjustments simply don't work-and your doctor may recommend surgery.  When faced with these difficult decisions, at Providence, you are not alone.  Providence is here to help you find the information you need to make decisions that are right for you.

Our team of surgeons and medical professionals offer a variety of surgery options that can alleviate pain, restore health, and help you live a better life!

Our surgical suites are technologically advanced with the latest in surgical equipment and laparoscopic instrumentation. Advancements in pain management and our excellent anesthesiologists and perioperative team deliver the highest standards of patient care and comfort before, during and after your operation.  

Providence provides advanced procedures and compassionate care in a patient-friendly setting. Our surgeons are supported by state-of-the-art imaging technology, highly qualified radiologists, anesthesiologists, and an outstanding nursing staff.  It is their mission to deliver the highest standards of patient care and comfort before, during and after your operation.  

 Our team of surgeons provides a full range of specialized surgical care in the areas of vascular, cancer, minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, breast treatment and care, obesity, varicose veins, and general surgical care. 

Laparoscopic surgery -minimally invasive approach that uses a smaller incision than traditional surgery-is associated with shorter hospital stays, less pain and quicker recovery. In fact, many surgeries do not require a hospital stay, so that patients can safely recover at home.

Specialties include:

  1. Breast surgery
  2. Carotid artery surgery
  3. Colon surgery - cancerous and non-cancerous
  4. Endovascular surgery - placing stents in blocked arteries (no cardiac)
  5. Esophagus surgery
  6. Gallbladder surgery - laparoscopic
  7. Hair reduction - cosmetic laser
  8. Hernia surgery - abdominal wall and groin
  9. Liver surgery
  10. Lung surgery - cancerous and non-cancerous
  11. Lymph node biopsy
  12. Melanoma removal
  13. Nissen fundoplication (gastric reflux surgery) - laparoscopic
  14. Pancreas surgery
  15. Parathyroid surgery
  16. Pilonidal cyst surgery
  17. Rectal surgery - cancerous and non-cancerous
  18. Skin cancers and growths
  19. Small bowel surgery - bowel obstruction
  20. Splenectomy - laparoscopic
  21. Stomach surgery - cancerous and non-cancerous
  22. Thyroid surgery
  23. Varicose vein surgery - endovenous laser ablation
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