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UPDATE: Local man accused of eating dog while high on drugs

By: Stephanie Jacksis

WACO - Police said a man ate part of a family dog while under the influence of K-2, a synthetic marijuana.   But family members are speaking out for the first time after backlash from local neighbors and comments on the web.

Police said 22-year-old Michael Terron Daniel allegedly beat, strangled, and ate pieces of flesh away from a medium-sized dog on June 14th.

Officers were initially called out to the 4600 block of Athens St. on a disturbance call.  The caller said Daniel was "going crazy" and police were needed immediately.

The suspect's brother Terrence Daniel said he's still upset about what happened two weeks ago, but knows those actions were completely out of Michael's character, and only happened as a result of ingesting the drug.  

While Terrence wouldn't comment about the family pet, he did say this was the first time Michael tried K-2.

"I think they should have some kind of protest to ban K-2," Terrence said.  "Stores that are selling it shouldn't be.  It shouldn't be for sale.  Period."

The family admitted they've experienced harsh criticism from local residents.

"Since the incident, we get funny looks, strange, multiple cars passing by, you know, blocked phone calls," Terrence said. "As humans, we're all entitled to make mistakes.  Some mistakes aren't as great as others, but they are mistakes, whether they're small ones or big ones.  A mistake is a mistake."

According to witnesses, Daniel was on his hands and knees chasing neighbors while barking. Officers said when they arrived on scene, Daniel was on the front porch, covered in blood with the dead dog on his lap. 

Despite the horrific incident, the family said they will continue supporting and loving Michael.

"He's my brother," Terrence said.  "I will always love him.  If he were to go (to jail) and not be able to come back, it would hurt me.  To see him where he's at, it hurts me.  But by his action, it's his time to take responsibility for what he did.  But I'm not going to judge him off of that one incident."

Michael was taken to Providence Hospital because of his incoherence. He was booked into the McLennan County Jail Monday afternoon, and as of Tuesday is still in jail as a judge decided to deny bond.

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