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Expect worst Central Texas allergy season in 6 years

by Henry Rosoff

WACO - Allergy season is coming to Central Texas earlier than normal this year and could be the worst season in six years.

Allergist Dr. Ephraim Thaller said his Waco office has been swamped recently.

"Within the last week, or two weeks, a lot of patients are coming in with nasal allergies and itchy eyes as well," he said.

Thaller points to grass and trees blooming early this year as the reason.  People like Candace Baxter feel it the most.  The seasonal allergies trigger her asthma, which she said landed her in the hospital last week.

She spoke to News Channel 25 while she was getting allergy pin-prick tests at Thaller's office.

"It itches when you're allergic," Baxter said, her arms swollen from the testing.  "I'm itching all over the place."

However, allergists said there is a root cause behind blooming trees and grass: rain.

"Everything grows with rain so when it rains a lot, particularly at the beginning of the year, the grass is going to be healthy (and) the trees are going to be healthy," Thaller said.  "They're going to pollinate into the air and people are going to experience symptoms of allergies if they're allergic to those things."

Central Texas had more than its fair share of rain leading up to spring allergy season.  According to the National Weather Service, November through February saw nearly 12-inches of rain.  That is nearly double the yearly average and the most since the same period from 2004 to 2005.

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