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Woman shot, raped, returns to Central Texas to speak out

By Kevin Davis

KILLEEN - A first grade teacher in Killeen was raped and almost killed, but somehow managed to survive. It's been years since the incident, and now Bridget Kelly is returning to the area where it all happened to speak up for other crime victims.

"I was abducted at gunpoint, robbed, raped, shot three times in the back and left for dead." Kelly said.

For Bridget, it was the worst experience of her life taking years to come to terms with, but as she did, she wanted to help others in the same position.

Now, she speaks to audiences saying that there's nothing to be ashamed of if one is a victim of crime, especially rape. Initially, hometown newspapers were reluctant to write about her rape, only the fact that she was shot.

"Why is it more shameful to be a rape victim than a gunshot victim? I felt like in a way I was hiding something."

Alberto Benitez travelled all the way from Austin to hear bridget's story. He is a police officer who was shot seven times and left for dead as well, and was moved by Bridget's story.

For Bridget, she wanted to make sure people left with one message -- through tragedy one finds a new beginning.

"Horrible things happen in our lives but it doesn't mean it's over, that happiness is over forever it means you've got a fight ahead of you and don't give up."

Bridget Kelly now lives in New York and will be travelling the country speaking to more audiences.

For additional information on Kelly click here.

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